If you are a home owner that cares as much about the curb appeal and the external appearance of your home and property as you do the interior, then you should consider hiring a professional landscape contractor to provide you with design ideas and to handle the heavy lifting of completing your outdoor projects.
As a licensed landscape contractor since 1999, Vandal’s Landscaping has both the training, experience and the connections to meet all of your landscaping needs. WE can help you with everything from driveways, patios, and decks; to grading the yard, and complete landscape design. Garden ponds enhanced by a pond bridge, wooden “playscapes” for children, walkthrough gardens, and placement and selection of trees, shrubs, and other flora to balance the yard and enhance visual appeal.

The Benefits Offered by a Landscaping Contractor

Landscape contractors are like most professionals in that there are areas they tend to specialize in utilizing their specific experience and expertise. For instance if you would want to hire an experienced landscape lighting contractor to install any outdoor lighting features and you definitely would want to hire a specialist to install an underground sprinkler system. They are knowledgeable their area of expertise, and when and how to use that knowledge for maximum benefit.

Few homeowners are savvy as to the best way to enhance landscape features using plants, patios, stone, mulch, water features, accent lighting and play structures. A licensed landscape contractor, however, knows how to exploit the benefits of these type landscape features.

Landscaping Tips

We all lead very busy lives and often we are left with little if any spare time to devote to a landscaping project and maintenance. When you hire a landscape contractor that has experience in designing low maintenance landscapes, it will greatly reduce your upkeep efforts (more so if they offer property maintenance like we do).
Opt for a low maintenance landscape design using drought-tolerant plants and ground cover to conserve water and decrease maintenance needs.

The Right Landscaping Contractor for the Right Job

Hiring a licensed landscaping contractor with a landscaping contractor license can increase the curb appeal of your home, correct landscape problems, such as drainage and bring a balanced look to your property – increasing the market value of your home. Another reason to slect the right contractor for the right job.

Ask around. Word of mount referrals, local licensing authorities, and Internet resources such as www.vandalaslandscaping.com are your best resources for finding a qualified landscaping contractor in your Winnipeg.

Carefully selecting a qualified landscaping contractor guarantees the success of your landscaping project, and adds to the beauty and value of your home.


*Vandal’s Landscaping is a family business owned and operated by Todd Vandal and his wife Brooke Vandal, providing amazing landscapes and property maintenance in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1999.

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