There’s a greater probability of injuring your back when shoveling snow than with any other outdoor landscape maintenance. There are reasons for this. Snow is heavy. Whether it is the wet slushy early season snowfall or the wind whipped blizzard that compresses the snow to be almost as hard as concrete. One shovelful can weigh up to 20 pounds more. Lets do the math. If each shovel full of snow weighs 20 pounds and you can maintain a pace of 12 shoevl fulls of snow per minute, then in ten minutes you will have moved over 2400 pounds of snow if you can maintain that pace..

It really is no surprise that  shoveling snow could result in back sprains and strains? n a study published by Brad Coffiner of Cornell University, The Ergonomic Department said, “When handling heavy snow with a shovel, the L5 and S1 disc has been identified as the weaker connection in the body segment chain”.

Other strains and body pain are very likely to occur in the rear region. Whenever you bend forward to scoop the snow on the shovel, your center of gravity changes and it’s becomes relatively simple to strain the low back muscles, particularly the quadral lumborum, a muscle that helps hold the body upright. This lumbar muscle can get very sore and painful after periods of bending at the waist and lifting. This muscle can be strengthened and trained for lifting by routine workouts. However if you are not training regularly at the gym, get yourself a shovel which doesn’t make you bend down. Whenever you lift snow and after that rotate to dump it, you put a strain on the disks that are between the vertebral and act as shock absorbers, cushioning them. Lifting and twisting may cause the vertebrae to slip out of place, potential herniate, which causes pressures on the nearby nerve roots or spinal cord. This becomes the source of your back pain and leads to multiple visits to your chiropractor.

By following the above tips you can avoid injuries while shovelling snow this winter. However the very best tip we can offer to protect you from injury is to hire Vandal’s LAndscaping to take care of all of your snow clearing needs. Give Vandal’s Landscaping a call at (204) 299-8887 to turn your snow removal over to us for the upcoming winter.


*Vandal’s Landscaping is a family business owned and operated by Todd Vandal and his wife Brooke Vandal, providing amazing landscapes and property maintenance in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1999.



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