Shoveling snow can be probably the most boring work to do when winter rolls around. Not only is it cold and miserable work, but it’s also exhausting and potentially dangerous if done the wrong way. Many individuals suffer from back injuries when they shovel snow, however this is an avoidable outcome. You can prevent back injuries when the snow falls by making certain to take the right precautions. The first thing to look into is finding a good shovel. Many new blades have more ergonomic designs that may reduce the amount of stress on your back. They also have better metal on the bottom that permits you to remove ice and snow easily.

You should look for a shovel that alleviates some of the effort for you. If you would like, a lighter shovel can also reduce the amount of weight you’re throwing around. Another thing you must be aware of is your muscles. Make certain to move around and warm them up first in order that they’re more flexible when the time comes to do the job. You’ll need to be aware of what your body can handle. You should shovel small amounts of snow frequently as opposed to strain yourself all at once. Lifting large amount of snow very slowly is in fact worse for your back.

If you feel as though your body can’t handle the shoveling, you should stop and hire a snow removal service like Vandal’s Landscaping to take over the job for you. Lastly you should always practice safe lifting technique when shoveling snow. Face the mound you would like to lift with your legs and hips squared. Bend from your hips, not your back, while pushing your chest out. Grip your hands as close to the blade as possible, and avoid twisting at odd angles when dumping the snow. By following these tips you can avoid snow removal injuries this winter.


*Vandal’s Landscaping is a family business owned and operated by Todd Vandal and his wife Brooke Vandal, providing amazing landscapes and property maintenance in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1999.

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