In the last blog post, we talked about front yard landscaping, well here are some more landscaping tips for your front yard. Your front yard should get special attention as it is the part of the house that is seen initially. The curb appeal of your home creates a lasting first impression and speaks volumes about how you value and treat your property.

Although helpful to hire an expert to create a beautiful front yard, you can employ a little bit of creativity to brighten up your front yard. Why settle for a patch of grass, some concrete steps and a sidewalk?

There are many resources available to give you landscaping ideas for your front yard. By being creative your front yard can soon be the envy of your neighborhood

The first landscaping idea is to create an attractive and functional living area in your front yard. It can be as ornate as some of our backyard projects to something as simple a setting up a bench under a shade tree. There really is no reason why family gatherings must be relegated to the backyard.

If you do add a front yard living area, you may want to incorporate some plans to surround it to provide separation from the rest of the front yard and some privacy as well. This front yard setting is a great place to relax with a good book or simple sit and visit with the neighbors. The trick is to make this new outdoor space a welcoming extension of your home’s other living spaces.

Our second tip is to create beautiful outdoor displays to put more life into your front yard. Create interest by putting together some visually appealing displays. You can use different coloured mulches, or gravel, layout some large granite boulders, flowering plants and even fruit trees the benefit being is that you can also attract a variety of interesting wildlife to your front yard as well

You can also follow the tips on our attracting birds to your backyard blog post to bring them to your front yard to enjoy while reading your book from under your shade tree. Adding a bird bath, a bird feeder or a birdhouse will attract birds to come and visit. Add some flowering plants to attract butterflies so that you may add some color and appeal to your front yard. You can help your own front yard spring to life, literally.

Adding up plants is one of the easiest and the best front yard landscaping ideas that you can use. Choosing the plants for your front yard would depend on how much time you can spend on maintaining and caring for it. If you do not have a lot of time to spend on caring for your newly landscaped front yard, you may choose to have more perennial plants for your front yard.

Perennials are plants that bloom year after year and require less time to maintain. Using them can be an inexpensive way to add to your front yard landscape.

*Vandal’s Landscaping is a family business owned and operated by Todd Vandal and his wife Brooke Vandal, providing amazing landscapes and property maintenance in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1999.

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