Vandal’s Landscaping and Property Maintenance Inc is launching their ultimate Lawncare package

The Ultimate Lawncare Package developed for discerning homeowners that want the best lawn on the block with no effort on their part.This is perfect for the busy professional homeowner that does not have the time to dedicate to have a lush green weed free lawn. The Ultimate Lawn Care Program gives you an amazing lawn and your weekends back.The ultimate Lawncare Program will make you the envy of all your neighbours and only you will know how easy we make it for you.

We wanted to provide our clients with the thickest, lushest, greenest lawns possible. This is the reason our Ultimate package provides our clients with a thorough Spring Cleanup, weekly grass cutting, Spring and Fall fertilizing and summer weed control.

“2018 is the very first year that Vandal’s Landscaping is offering the Ultimate Lawn Care Package,”stated Todd Vandal, the owner and founder of Vandal’s Landscaping. “By combining all of our services into one package or clients get great results and a great price.”

Busy homeowners are going to love this package as it will make them the envy of their neighbours with no effort on their part.

Todd and I wanted to give our clients awesome results with all of our services and a great price, stated Brooke Vandal, the co-owner of Vandal’s Landscaping, and by starting it out at $197/month for lots up to 5000 square feet in size, they get the very best results possible for the very best price.

About Vandal’s Landscaping and Property Maintenance Inc,

Vandal’s Landscaping and Property Maintenance Inc is a Winnipeg based landscaping and property maintenance company owned by Todd Vandal and his wife Brooke Vandal. Vandal’s Landscaping has been serving the landscaping and property needs of homeowners and businesses in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1999.

For more information about Vandal’s Landscaping and Property Maintenance Inc, please see our website,

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