This past week Winnipeg had its first snowfall of the season. Aside from turning our roads and bridges into skating rinks, it served as a very real warning that winter is coming.Soon we will all wake up to the type of morning that until your driveway has been cleared as you wont be going anywhere. If you are not using Vandal’s Landscaping snow removal service, then fire up your snow blower or dig out your snow shovel to manage the snow. Since snow removal places stress on our spines and circulatory systems shoveling snow could be dangerous. Your body must work hard do the work of moving snow and to stay warm.

Dos and Don’t! We recommend these tips when shovelling snow. Use a shovel that is the right size for you to minimize bending and twisting. Do not shovel snow without a doctor’s permission if you’ve a history of coronary disease. Do not drink alcohol, or use drugs while using the snow blower that cause drowsiness. Do not run a snow blower within an enclosed space, you may be in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Maintain the shovel blade to reduce back strain. A flat edge is less likely to get hung up on your driveway or damage the concrete. Switch off between snow shoveling left handed and right handed, so that you’re working muscles equally.

Do the job efficiently: an internet site Called the Heart Consultants provides a good idea for efficiently clearing a driveway. To start, spade a straight line down center of the driveway. Then attack the windrow from the snow plows towards the end of the driveway while you’re fresh and ready. Go back up one side of the driveway and push what snow you could from the central line off to the side. The web site offers other tips to prevent damage to gravel and concrete driveways. It works better and quicker than salt in lower temperatures and will not cause as much harm to your property.

Don’t use warm salt to remove ice, it can rapidly refreeze and turn to black ice. Clear the driveway as close as you can to concrete. Then you can either use an ice scraper or rely on the infrared heat from the sun to gradually melt the ice. Best snow shovels: Consumer Reports has the scoop on the best types of snow shovels. A D shaped handle is easier to control than other types, particularly if the load is unbalanced. Be sure it fits your hands while you are wearing a glove. They should be long enough to prevent you from bending over to much. Some people find that the bent ergonomic snow shovels make it difficult to throw snow to the side – and will be too much for some wrists. Shovels that have a small curvature within the scoop are fine for light accumulations. Also make sure you have the right shovel for the work being done. A large bladed shovel or a snow scoop is great for moving large quantities of snow along the ground but are ineffectively at lifting and tossing the snow. A small bladed shovel is effective at throwing snow but it is time consuming to use. Finally make sure you use a shovel that you can manage easily and repetively.

Of course the safest way for you to remove snow from your driveway and walkways this winter is to have someone else do the snow shovelling for you. Our trucks are equipped with snow ploughs that quickly and efficiently remove snow from your driveway. At the same time for areas we cannot reach with the ploughs we have snowblowers and plastic bladed remove snow. Call Vandal’s Landscaping at (204)299-8887 to have us take care of your snow removal needs this winter.


*Vandal’s Landscaping is a family business owned and operated by Todd Vandal and his wife Brooke Vandal, providing amazing landscapes and property maintenance in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1999.

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