In previous blog posts we talked about backyard landscaping and creating your own personal oasis. However we shouldn’t neglect front-yard landscaping as it is one of the critical aspects of overall landscape design. Your front yard is what people see all the time so curb appeal is important.

Getting started

When you decide to landscape your front yard, you need to start by considering your personal style, tastes and lifestyle. Make sure you create the look you want and not the look others tell you that you should have. A great way to start is to take pictures of your front yard from various angles going into your home

Just like doing a before picture for a weight loss challenge the camera doesn’t lie. You can accurately assess what you need to incorporate into your landscaping design. While you make your assessment, write down any and all ideas that you have. Write down what needs to be added and what needs to be removed and what needs to be improved. Sometimes a simple thing such as adding edeing and mulch around trees and shrubs can have a dramatic effect.

Also, take note of the accessibility in terms of entryways. This is very important because you can ensure you and your family’s safety when there’s accident such as fire and other calamities. While you’re at this, also take note of your front-yard’s planting needs so you can meet it once you start with your front-yard landscaping.

The following are just some of the things that you need to pay attention to when you start with your front yard landscaping:

  1. The architectural features, structures, and the plants. Architectural features such as retaining walls are very important because these are just some of the permanent features of the front yard. You need to invest on this because this will be a very big part of your front yard for a long period of time. It is best to carefully plan the selection of materials to be used so that the harmony and balance in your landscape will not be ruined.

Also, take note of structures such as steps and other entry points. When it comes to choosing plants, make sure that they can survive all throughout the year. You should also know how to place them properly to complement overall look of the front yard.

  1. The entries. This is also a very significant part of front yard landscaping because it greatly impacts the entrance of your home. In landscaping entries, make sure that they are cleared enough and exude an inviting air. One great tip is to use plants that lead people to the main door of your home. You can also add structures such as dim lampposts and trellis as well as accent shrubs and potted plants to accentuate the entry way.
  2. The walkways. When creating walkways to your main entrance, make sure you create a natural path for people to follow. It is best to design a walkway to keep people people—especially children—in stepping onto areas that are fragile and shouldn’t be trampled with foot traffic. You can opt for straight paths, which are the least expensive, but you can also opt for curved ones. Walkways can be created using concrete, patio blocks and paving stones. A little creativity can result in a dramatic visual appearance.
  1. Your front steps. The steps are also a significant part of any front yard landscaping because they are a prominent part of the front of your home. In Winnipeg, our freeze thaw climate can wreak havoc on concrete causing it to crack and peel away (spalling). This can eventually lead to a potentially hazardous surface. Take stapes to repair and seal your concrete steps. Add safety rails to help mitigate slips and falls. To make your steps stand out even more, try using plants as accents.



*Vandal’s Landscaping is a family business owned and operated by Todd Vandal and his wife Brooke Vandal, providing amazing landscapes and property maintenance in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1999.

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