When you are looking to make some small changes or major improvements to your landscaping, hiring a good landscaper will make tackling your next landscaping project a much simpler process. Start by creating some specific plans of your end results and the timeline in which you want to see this done. This is where you make a wish list of what you want done, as well as a realistic budget. Take multiple pictures of your property from all sides, and sketch out what you currently have. When you do all this before you call your landscaping contractor you will be able to get specific pricing with no surprises. Here are some of our other tips on how to hire a landscaper the right way.

1. What do you really want or need?
What are your goals for your new landscaping project? For some of our clients they want to have a showcase property with eye-catching curb appeal. Some of our clients are looking for zero maintenance yards because they have active lifestyles (on a side note we can help you have the showcase property and maintain it for you so you can have the best of both worlds.) know exactly what your goals are, before you even speak to a professional contractor. Once you know what you want you can then discuss with your landscape contractor if everything will work, and is possible and more importantly price out material, labour costs, and a timeline for completion. The gallery on vandalslandscaping.com is a great place to start for your landscaping ideas. We are constantly adding more and more pictures and videos to that page

2. Set a firm budget.
Next you should prepare your budget. Will your dream property be affordable? Is it within your budget, or do we need to make compromises and adjustments to your project? When you know exactly what you want you will be able to identify alternatives if your budget falls short of your vision. When you have the plans and budget in place ahead of time, things move along at a much quicker pace and it gives your landscaper a set budget to negotiate for materials on your behalf. A reputable landscaper will ensure that your project will stay within budget and make sure the finished project will match your vision that you started with. Work with your landscaper to make sure you have accurate measurements so that your material costs do not go over budget. Sometimes an inexperienced landscaper will try to offer you the very best price quote to get the job, but find out later that they can no longer source all the materials they need at the quote given. Which brings us to the next step. Don’t hire the lowest bid!

3. Don’t hire the lowest bid.
Hey, I know we all love deals. But I would stay away from the very lowest price. It could be a setup for a bait and switch price strategy. Here’s how it works. Some unscrupulous landscapers will provide you with a very low attractive quote in order to get the job. Then after they get started, and your yard is ripped up they will inform you that the cost of materials has gone up or that some of the features you had asked for are not included in the original quote. As a result, they want you to pay more.
The second reason could put you at even more risk. The lowest price could mean that the landscaper is cutting costs to be able to reduce his quote. He may not be a registered business or licensed by the city. The landscaper may not be insured or worse yet, not have worker’s compensation coverage for their staff. A landscaping project can entail some hard grueling physical labour. Injuries can and sometimes do happen on the job. As the property owner, you could be liable for all injuries that occur on the job if the landscaping company you hire has inadequate protection. That brings us to our final tip. Get references.

4. Get references.
When looking for a landscaping company, ask some specific questions. Questions like how long have you been in business? Do you have pictures of works that you have done? Do you have any references, testimonials or reviews online I can go to? May I see your insurance certificates as proof of coverage for both liability and WCIB? Know that the landscape companies that you are contacting are competent and qualified before you invite them to your home or business to give you a quote. Make sure the company is registered, licensed and insured. Check their rating with the BBB. Affiliated or not, their rating will show you if they have had any customer complaints in the past and how they have handled those complaints. Also make sure that everything is written down and written down specifically. Without specific itemized written proof of the agreed upon services it is difficult to prove if you are not happy in the end. So get it in writing.

Essentially what this all really boils down to is common sense, good planning, and documentation. Have a specific goal and budget in mind, do your due diligence in selecting a landscape company to work with In Winnipeg and surrounding communities, Vandal’s Landscaping* is the premiere landscaping company that has been maintaining properties and setting the gold standard for landscaping in Winnipeg since 1999. Visit our website at https://vandalslandscaping.com for more information and for services.

*Vandal’s Landscaping is a family business owned and operated by Todd Vandal and his wife Brooke Vandal, providing amazing landscapes and property maintenance in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1999.

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